Lord Boyce KG GCB OBE DL



Admiral Sir Ian Garnett KCB

Brenda Blethyn OBE






Admiral of the Fleet the Lord Boyce KG GCB OBE DL

Lord Warden and Admiral of the Cinque Ports

Constable of Dover Castle

Vice Patrons:

Sir Ian Garnett KCB CBE

Air Marshal Christopher Mark Nickols, CB CBE FRAeS DL 

Brenda Blethyn OBE

Dan Snow

Nigel Collor

Channel Dash Association

Registered Charity Number 1139128


"This is an episode in the Battle of the Straits of which Britains can be rightly proud. In planes which, against the German protecting aircraft, were as slow as cart horses compared with a motorcar, 18 men of the Fleet Air Arm flew over the Channel. Crippled and ablaze before they got within range, they kept on, delivered their attacks - and died!"

'18 Men We Shall Never Forget'

By Daily Mail Reporter February 1942

The bravery of the Swordfish aircrew in this and all other operations is a matter of history and must never be forgotten.

J.F.N. Wedge, Lieut. RNVR